Balancing yellow & pink…

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Yellow and pink make a great combination—and even better when accented with a rich magenta, like in this photo below.  The colors are so perfect in this picture…

Photo: House Beautiful

I didn’t think it could get any better until I came across this image—I love how the pink and yellow are layered in front of the dark background. This moody gray brings a quiet sophistication to these two cheerful colors.

Photo: Tony Bennett Photography, as seen on Desire to Inspire

The golden framed artwork is the perfect accent for this gorgeous pink and white schemed room.

Photo: Amanda Nisbet

I love what they did with the walls in this photo…the yellow stenciled walls really make the room.

Photo: Serena and Lily

Balancing two colors like yellow and pink is essential for a successfully designed room.  This can be done in a number of ways:  1. Try varying the intensity of the colors.  To balance a bright yellow, select a soft pink, instead of a deeper hue.  2. Balance can also be achieved by varying the amounts of color used within the room.  For example, a bold color can be softened by using it smaller amounts, or intensified by using more of it.  3. When using these two colors at equal intensity, you can balance them by adding a neutral to to the color scheme, so the two colors will read as accents —or use more of one color than the other, so one color is dominant.


Design Trend: Imperial Trellis…

June 1, 2011 § 1 Comment

Trellis is everywhere.  This fanciful pattern can be used in many ways.  Here are my favorite uses for this bold pattern.


When designing with trellis, keep your room simple and let the pattern be the star.  There are so many great colors available in this pattern.  Consider the impact you are going for when selecting your color.  Light greens and aquas will be softer than bright pink or orange.

Love this pattern and still need more?  Bring a piece of this great pattern home with these items from Etsy…


Images left to right… Imperial Trellis Pillow by Lily on Blue ‘s Store on Etsy, $86. Imperial Trellis iphone Cover by Plum Street Print on Etsy, $55.  Trellis Clutch by Kimberly Jones Designs on Etsy, $40.

Want to add color to a neutral room?

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Neutral color schemes are very popular, but adding a bit of color to a neutral color scheme can really enhance the beauty of the room. Try painting the ceiling in a great color to add drama.  These three rooms are great examples of how adding color, in an unexpected way, can really change the look and feel of a room.

by Turner Davis Interiors

unknown from decorpad


Some tips for pulling off this great look… 1. Use a great color.  2. Only use darker colors if you have high ceilings.  3. Keep the rest of the room neutral except for a few accessories (match them to the ceiling color or use one shade lighter).

Another great trick…try using a pale color on the walls and a darker version of that color on the ceiling.

Simply Beautiful…

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The dogwood tree in our yard is finally starting to bloom.  It is one of my favorites, the flowers are so unique and beautiful.  I never noticed how striking their colors were, until today.  The centers are a perfect light green.  If you look closely, the white petals have a pink or reddish hue on the edges.  What a great combination.

These rooms capture the same simple beauty…



Photo: House Beautiful


Photo: House Beautiful

Photo: House Beautiful

Get inspired with colors from Spring…

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Although here in New England we are still waiting for it to warm up for good, many of you are already enjoying the arrival of Spring.  It’s definitely one of my favorite times of the year.  I love seeing the flowers bloom after a long winter.  Hmm, spring…new beginnings…great time to start a new design project, right?  What better way to get started than using colors from nature.  Take a picture that you love and pull out some of the colors to create your palette.  Keep in mind, some of the colors of spring can be quite bold.  I would recommend pairing one bold color with two lighter tones, or perhaps two midtones with one lighter tone.

Tea Time Bedding, Land of Nod


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