Balancing orange…

October 25, 2011 § 3 Comments

Orange radiates warmth and energy. This color can be stunning when done right—but this strong color can be hard to use.  In decorating, the boldness of orange is often tempered with white or neutrals. Another way to balance this color is to pair it with soft colors, like pale yellows or soft blues.  Try these well balanced palettes next time you use orange…

Photo: Alice Lane Home


Photo: Canadian House and Home


Photo: Tobi Fairley


Color palette swatches are from Benjamin Moore.  Image 1 – Yellow Iris, Racing Orange, Limelight.  Image 2 – Spring Mint, Racing Orange, Gladstone Tan.  Image 3 – Spring Mint, Racing Orange, Seashell. 


Looking for a great fabric?

October 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

I was surprised to find that the accent fabric I selected for our living room happens to be one of Calico Corner’s top selling fabrics.  I guess I shouldn’t be—it has been popping up everywhere!  You may have seen it in decorating catalogs like Ballard Designs, Smith+Noble or Home Decorators Collection.

P. Kaufmann, Clarice in Dove

Shades in Clarice Dove, Smith+Noble

Sofa in Clarice Dove, Calico Corners

I used it recently in one of my room collages…well ok, not so recently, as I have taken an extended break from the blog.

It turns out, Clarice Dove is the perfect fabric for my living room project.

I added a set of botanical prints to the room and I have been searching for fabrics and accessories, to finish the look, ever since.  The prints are framed with a blue-gray mat, a shade darker than my wickham gray walls.  This is what I’ve selected so far…

We are keeping our leather ottoman, neutral colored sofa and side chairs—the rest is being updated to coordinate with the new botanical prints.  Funny, it seems everytime I bring something new into the room I find two more things I would like to change as well—this must be the domino effect of interior design!

You can order fabric by the yard from Smith+Noble, Ballard Designs and Calico Corners.  Here are some of my favorites…


Fabrics from left to right:  Fioretto, Sprout by P.Kaufmann, available at Calico Corners, $44.99/yd.  Felicity, Spa available at Ballard Designs $24/yd.  Sketch, Camel by Dwell Studio, available at Calico Corners, $74.99.

Fabric above:  Clarice, Dove by P.Kaufmann, available at Calico Corners, $29.99/yd.

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